Win my hat at 2016

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For almost a decade, I’ve been presenting conference talks wearing a black top-hat. Indeed, this has become one of the most recognisable parts of my stage-persona. So I’m very pleased to say that you can win my original conference hat as part of the charity raffle, raising money for Give Where You Live.

Photography by Erin Walsh

The hat comes with a beautiful note of authenticity—written by me—certifying that it is indeed my conference hat. The hat-band, flower, and pins on my hat all have great sentimental value to me, and are not incldued as part of the raffle, but if you’ve attended the bioinformatics miniconfs you can probably recover my genetic material. You should be aware the the hat has seen almost a decade of regular use, and so also has significant signs of wear.

For those wondering, I’m not giving up the wearing of hats at conferences; instead I’m replacing my hat substrate, and I’m delighted that the hat that I’ve worn at so many events can be donated back to the community.

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