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Why non-code contributions matter

Contributing to open source projects is often considered to be a good career move. Unlike doing work behind the closed doors of a proprietary business, contributions to open source provides visible proof of your skill and accomplishments.

Except that’s not always the case.

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Why "Ban the Burqa" Doesn't Hold

[TW: Discusses religious intolerance, and violence against women.]

You, or someone you know, may make the argument that the burqa—a traditional full-body, face-covering article of women’s clothing—should be banned or discouraged because it oppresses women.

I’m not interested in debating whether or not it oppresses women or not; but I can tell you that calling for its ban is harming Australian women, right now.

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Thoughts from Burning Man: Do what you love.

Every year burning man is a new experience, and every year I discover new things about both others and myself. This year has been no exception.

I went into the burn after a period of extended travel. I’ve been travelling continuously since February, and while there have been some trips back home since that time, they’ve been short. As we’ll see, this ended up having a significant impact on my mental state while getting dusty.

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On Gittip and Diversity

For those who aren’t aware, Gittip is a platform for sustainable giving. It provides a way to make contributions to people who you think are making the world a better place, and in such a way that those contributions are mostly predictable and dependable. It’s an idea that I’m really excited about, and to see it working in practice has been wonderful.

Gittip has found itself to be a popular funding platform for those from marginalised groups, and those working towards social justice and diversity. It’s hands-down my favourite thing about the platform. Being a diversity advocate isn’t something that normally pays the bills, and so the fact that many of the top receivers on Gittip are working on social justice issues makes me feel that Gittip is doubly worthwhile.

Unfortunately, it’s not all hypo-allergenic kittens and roses.

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