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Reality distortion field

Sometimes I’m accused of having a “reality distortion field”, which warps the universe in such a way that it makes my life better. Today’s arrival at the airport was an amazing example of that in action.

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Tanya and Danjite are awesome

I’m in Auckland after KiwiFoo, which was pretty darn awesome, and well worth a hectic travel schedule to attend. And while I have a lot of good things to say about my contributions at the conference, I instead want publicly say a few words of thanks to two people who have consistently made made my life better, and whom I deeply appreciate.

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Why diversity in tech is so hard to achieve

This was originally made as a response to a Facebook post discussing diversity issues in tech.

Anna: I am a feminist who has attended and spoken at your events. I’m not familiar with the experiences which you’ve had in the past; I’ve not been involved with them, and so I am in no position to comment. I have absolutely no desire to ruin your reputation or spread rumours.

However I am perfectly happy to comment on things that I’ve personally observed, and to call you out when I feel that you’re being actively harmful to diversity, especially diversity in open source.

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Exobrain setup is now even easier!

Exobrain is my collection of digital minions which help me run my life. They know my goals, my location, my to-do list, and help me best plan what I’m doing, both personally and professionally. Best of all, none of my data is revealed to third parties, because I control all my agents, and all the code is open source.

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