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This site contains various pieces of writing across my various interests, and spanning several years. You can fork this site on github if you wish.

Adding ADHD to my character sheet

This year has been a big one for my mental health. Early in 2018 I was diagnosed with Bipolar II. The treatment helped, although I still found myself struggling with motivation and concentration. While I could barely look at my taxes for more than a minute without needing to get up and make yet another cup of tea, somehow my brain was fine at learning how to transpile C# code at 2am.

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Seeking a humanitarian FOSS outreach position

In 2017 I spent some time working with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA). While I developed a number of software tools in that role, what made me truly effective was the fact that I could develop everything open source. The amount of advice, pull requests, and feedback that I enthusiastically received from public experts was tremendous, and I’m sure that this was helped in no small part by the fact that I was working for a high-profile humanitarian organisation.

Ever since then, I’ve been thinking. What if I could do humanitarian open source outreach as a job?

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