Duck Yes! SpaceX lands their Falcon 9!

DUCK YES! SpaceX landed their first Falcon 9 today after it successfully deployed its payload to orbit. This is big news, and to quote Andy Weir:

Imagine if you took a flight from New York to London. And then, when you were done, they threw the plane away. Want to go back? Well, they’ll have to make a new plane. Imagine what air travel tickets would cost if the airline industry worked that way. Well, that’s exactly how the space industry works.

Or at least, that’s how it used to work. Until today. :)

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BuzzConf Was Awesome

I’ve just come back from BuzzConf, and I’m so excited by it that I’ve started writing about it even before my first coffee in the morning.

As a unique blend of conference and festival, BuzzConf was good. Really good.

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Build Your Own Exobrain

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Online services like “If This Then That” (IFTTT) are great for automating your life. However they provide few ways for the end-user to add their own services, and not everyone is comfortable with sharing their credentials. I’ll be discussing the ‘Exobrain’ project, which allows for service integration and extension on a machine you control. We’ll discuss philosophy, installation, and writing your own extensions and classifiers.

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Why diversity in tech is so hard to achieve

This was originally made as a response to a Facebook post discussing diversity issues in tech.

Anna: I am a feminist who has attended and spoken at your events. I’m not familiar with the experiences which you’ve had in the past; I’ve not been involved with them, and so I am in no position to comment. I have absolutely no desire to ruin your reputation or spread rumours.

However I am perfectly happy to comment on things that I’ve personally observed, and to call you out when I feel that you’re being actively harmful to diversity, especially diversity in open source.

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Exobrain setup is now even easier!

Exobrain is my collection of digital minions which help me run my life. They know my goals, my location, my to-do list, and help me best plan what I’m doing, both personally and professionally. Best of all, none of my data is revealed to third parties, because I control all my agents, and all the code is open source.

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