A Place To Settle

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25th Timber, 101, Late Autumn

“UngodlyPetal, my sweet, we have been searching the wildernesss for a long time to find a place we can call home. What do you think of this place?” asked LonelyZeus.

“I like it, WebbedStolen dearest,” said Hostergaard, sipping on a small bottle of disease resistant draught that she kept in a flask in case of contact with dwarves. “And we have family! What a delight it was to find Jaxy LyingBolts and Talthra Wraithlikepainted out here.”

“Yes, they do seem to be making a name for themselves. I wonder how Talthra’s children are doing back home? Little TortureSold and GreaterCursed. Such lovely names.”

“We might be able to ask after them; it seems to be the season for traders, and goodness knows everyone must have seen that smoke plume, just as we did. I expect we’ll have half the continent here before long.”

“Might have some elves turn up. Been a while since we’ve had a bit of bloodshed.”

“Oh, that would be nice. My pop—TormentedDip—why he would have such great stories about hunting elves.”

“Oh yes, I remember those! Talking of traders, here are some now. It looks like they’re from that same hill orc tribe that died in the fire last month.”

“Yes, and Tarrlox and SageEthereal have gone out to the depot to meet them. They’re going to make such a sweet couple one day. I wonder if the hill orcs are unhappy about the senseless death of their kinsfolk? You don’t think they’d do anything vengeful, would they…? What’s that smell?”

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