I have a favour to ask.

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Dear everyone, I have a favour to ask…

Imagine the future. Not as it is next week, next year, or even in a hundred years hence. Imagine the future as it exists in ten thousand years time; and imagine that’s a future where things have gone right.

It’s not a dystopia; humanity has gone beyond its roots and has colonised the stars. We’ve outgrown our humble beginnings, we’ve overcome the flaws in our brain: anger, jealousy, selfishness; but we’ve kept the things which are important. We have compassion, and foresight. We have understanding, and ethics. I want you to imagine the best possible future that you can; one that’s not just best for humanity, but also best for any being that may be able to think or feel.

That’s a big leap of imagination, but I want you to try.

Then I want you to do something in the next 24 hours—purposefully and consciously, regardless of how big or small—which would make our future selves proud.

You can share that here if you like. You can keep it to yourself. It can be a tiny tiny thing, or it can be the crowning achievement of your existence. But it’s human nature to think about the here-and-now, and I so dearly, dearly wish we’d spend more time working towards how things should be.

Thank you.

Galaxy image courtesy NASA / HubbleSite

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