One Thing Can Make The World A Better Place

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Many people have the dream of being a successful writer. There’s an allure with having one’s work read by others, but the business of writing has changed. One no longer seeks a publisher, but instead traffic and results on search engines. One no longer expects royalties, instead revenue is generated from advertisements and affiliate links.

The language of the web is now monetization. If that were my goal there’d be advertisements on this website. But there are none. At least, not in the form you’d expect.

Smiling at a cat still brings good to the world.

It’s commonplace at to prompt the reader to stick around at the end of one’s article. But my goal isn’t to have others read my writing, that’s merely a means to an end. My goal is to make the world a better place, and I hope to co-opt my readers into helping.

So at the end of every article, I’d like to direct the reader to whatever will bring the greatest good. That could be something as simple as a funny cat video; after all, making people smile is bringing good to the world. But I think we can do better.

Presently, I’m encouraging people to read 3 myths that block progress for the poor after brought it to my attention. It’s an incredible piece; well-written and researched. If you have the time, I strongly encourage you to read and share it.

However my most popular article has to do with how beliefs can influence learning, with over 35,000 hits in the last five days. I have evidence that it’s particularly popular with parents, so at this very moment time they are my target audience. However I’m interested in all suggestions as to what I can encourage readers to do next.

So, that one thing you know which will make the world a better place… what is it?

Please scroll down and add your suggestion in the comments below; you can be anonymous if you like.

Thank you.

Pen photograph by Linda Cronin, CC-BY. Toilet cat by Jim CC-BY-SA.

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