Tolerance, not bigotry, now maximises shareholder value

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Yesterday Coca-Cola showed an advertisement as part of the superbowl coverage. It featured Americans doing American things; except those Americans were racially diverse, and the song—America The Beautiful—was sung in multiple languages other than English.

There’s a big deal on the Internet right now about the bigotry and hatred which this advertisement has revealed. Of course Coke knew this would happen, and yet they screened the advertisement anyway.

The reason is simple. As a society, we’re becoming more tolerant every year, and Coca-Cola knows that. It’s firmly directing its ad towards the growing and more ethical population who believes that diversity and tolerance are good, rather than the shrinking percentage of people who do not.

We, as a society, are getting better. Yes, you can pick apart Coke’s motives here, but the fact remains that we’re now in a society where promoting diversity and tolerance are seen as winning strategies. That’s not something we would have seen fifty years ago, and I doubt it’s even something we would have seen ten years back.

We still have a long way to go, but we’re getting there. Thank you, humanity.

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