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Below are some of the many talks that I've given. If you're interested in having me talk at your conference, event, or user group, then please email me and let me know!

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Build Your Own Exobrain

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Online services like “If This Then That” (IFTTT) are great for automating your life. However they provide few ways for the end-user to add their own services, and not everyone is comfortable with sharing their credentials. I’ll be discussing the ‘Exobrain’ project, which allows for service integration and extension on a machine you control. We’ll discuss philosophy, installation, and writing your own extensions and classifiers.

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Depression: Bugs In Your Brain

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Earlier this year, I gave a presentation at OSCON on both my experiences with and the science of depression. The video of that presentation is above.

This isn’t a video of hope. It’s not a video of “everything is going to be okay”, because there’s no way I can say that. It’s a video discussing what it’s like, and some of the research as to what’s going on in your brain.

It’s a video that says that you are not alone.

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More Awesome Things You've Missed in Perl

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Awesome things have been happening in Perl recently; so many that even if you’ve been paying close attention, you may have missed a few. In this talk we’ll examine some of the coolest recent technologies for Perl programmers, including:

  • Overhauling Perl’s Object Oriented framework with Moose.
  • Making everything a first-class object with autobox.
  • Slashing your error handling code with autodie.
  • Building fast, readable and reusable regular expressions with Perl 5.10.
  • Bundling and building stand-alone applications using PAR, the Perl Archiver.
  • Astonishingly good profiling with Devel::NYTProf.
  • Playing MineSweeper automatically with App::SweeperBot.
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