Gittip and Open Source Bridge

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In a few days time I’ll be discussing Gittip at OS Bridge. That’s been a sensitive topic, and I’ve already written about it a little. It’s going to be a particularly sensitive topic for some attendees at OS Bridge, and so I have a few requests for you as an attendee, and regarding my session in general.

The Gittip crisis has affected many OS Bridge attendees directly and personally. Many of them have stated very publicly that they do not wish to discuss Gittip at OS Bridge. I ask you to please respect these wishes; if you know if someone’s been impacted by this personally (or if you’re not sure), then please don’t discuss recent Gittip events with them.

During my session we will be discussing Gittip. Of course, I’ll be talking about funding platforms for open source and social justice in general, but Gittip has been the dominant platform for that, and I doubt we could avoid discussing it even if we tried. You should not take anyone’s attendance at this session as their consent to discuss Gittip outside of the session. You can talk to me about Gittip at any time, but do ask first. I may need a break from discussing Gittip, or we could be in company of others who would rather not observe Gittip discussions.

Also, to make this absolutely clear: If you feel that your safety is threatened by me running a talk on Gittip, I will be withdrawing my talk. It’s not for me to decide what’s safe for you, nor will I be asking how your safety is being threatened. I’m an experienced public speaker, and I can fill the slot with something else if required. If you do not feel comfortable raising matters of safety with me (email to paul.j.fenwick at gmail), then I encourage you to talk to one of the organisers.

The OS Bridge organisers have assured me they’ll have extra moderators at the session, but even so I want to make it very clear that I’ll be focusing on constructive discussion. The conference code of conduct will be rigorously enforced. I would like to focus on discussing ways of funding people making the world a better place, with a focus on sustainable funding for marginalised groups in particular. As mentioned in my previous post, I’d like to give a voice to anyone who’s been involved in discussing alternatives. Please contact me if you’d like to be involved.

Gittip is still a volatile topic, and many people are personally affected by recent events. I only want to run a session if I feel that it will do more good than harm, and right now I’m not sure that will be the case. If my talk does get withdrawn or replaced, then I appreciate your understanding in me doing so.

Yours sincerely,

~ Paul

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